E501      -  Engine 501                           E582   - Engine 582  E521 - Engine 521
TN502    -  Tanker 502                  SN583 - Snorkel 583 TN525 - Tanker 525
U503     -  Utility 503        U527 - Utility 527
R504      -  Engine / Rescue 504      HASTINGS         
E551 - Engine 551
E552 - Engine 552
R554 - Rescue 554
1.January322:38Philadelphia/Crawford Ave.-Northern Cambria
Assist police w/traffic control due to power outage. 

2.January402:493809 Crawford Ave.-Northern Cambria
Commercial fire alarm, Verizon Central Office, accidental due to power outage.

3.January403:341640 Park Ave-Northern Cambria
Assist police forcible entry into a residence.

4.January3118:44543 Main St.-Portage Boro
Special call tanker 502 due on a 3rd alarm working structure fire.

5.February520:45770 Main St. – Susq. Twp.
Special call Engine 501 and Thermal Imaging Camera assisting Indiana St.520 with Flu Fire.

6.February1718:143512 Bigler  Ave. - Northern Cambria
Activated in place of St.58 for a small outside fire, units cancelled prior to responding.

7.February210:21209 Hickory St.-Northern Cambria
Assist EMS w/ptn. Extrication.

8.February2320:29800B 40th St.- Northern Cambria
Fuel spill, Rescue 4 and Utility 3 o/s determined to be a small amount of transmission fluid.

9.February2414:1338th/Crawford Ave. – Northern Cambria
Utility pole fire, Utility 3 o/s, penelec notified.

10.February2418:04Greenwich/Indiana County Line-Susq. Twp.
Tree down, Assistant 2 o/s advising in Indiana County St.540 already o/s

11.February2418:43214 Double Dam Rd.-Susq. Twp.
Tree Down, Rescue 4 o/s personnel removed tree.

12.February2615:55115 Red Mill Rd.-Blacklick Twp
RIC assist w/ St.43 WSF, RIC team staged, Rescue 4 laid 5”

13.February2718:521023 Philadelphia Ave. – Northern Cambria
Traffic control, assistant 3 o/s nothing found.

14.February2719:10600 School Bus Rd.-Susq. Twp.
Tanker 2 due assisting St.55 w/brush fire. Tanker 2 and Utility 3 o/s assisted w/extinguishment and overhaul.

15.March3023:342009 Philadelphia Ave. - Northern Cambria
Flu fire, Rescue/Engine 4 o/s fire out. Residence checked w/TIC, no extension found.

16.April119:0743 Cherry Ridge.-Northern Cambria
Assisting EMS w/forcible entry, patient taken to hospital by private vehicle prior to fire and ems arrival.

17.April617:21766 Shawna Rd. – Susq. Twp.
Vehicle accident w/entrapment assisting Indiana St.520. Engine 1, Rescue/Engine 4 and Utility 3 on scene.  One vehicle on its side into a pole, one male patient trapped. Personnel extricated the male patient and EMS transported.

18.April717:21550 Sherman St. - Clymer
Engine transfer into Indiana St. 150, no incidents handled.

19.April910:31331 3rd St. - Colver
RIC assignment assisting St. 40, cancelled enroute.

20.April1003:30Crawford/Philadelphia Ave. – Northern Cambria
Assist police w/vehicle leaking fuel. Utility 3 on scene, personnel contained and cleaned up the spill.

21.April1323:5629 Cherry Ridge – Northern Cambria
Assist EMS w/stabbing.

22.April1400:071700 Railroad Ave. – Northern Cambria
Engine 1 and Utility 3 handled a landing zone for med evac 11

23.April1717:40730 S Mains St. – Cherry Tree
Tanker 2 and manpower assisting Indiana St.520 w/brush fire. Tanker 2 and Utility 3 o/s assisted w/extinguishment and overhaul.

24.April1717:524207 St. Stans Ave. – Northern Cambria
Electrical fire at Dollar General, St.58 and 40 RIC also activated. All units w/exception of St.50 held in station. Engine 1 into the scene Rescue/Engine 4 staged at hydrant. Cause found to be faulty wiring on a doorbell. Doorbell unit disconnected no extension found.

25.April2308:051262 Mosscreek Rd-Susq.Twp.
Utility 3 handled a wires down

26.April2308:28Campbell/39th St.-Northern Cambria
Utility 3 handled a wires down

27.April2308:36103 Municipal Rd.-Susq. Twp.
Utility 3 handled a tree down

28.April2309:021819 Empire Ave.-Northern Cambria
Utility 3 handled a tree down

29.April2309:14Elder/St.Marys-Northern Cambria
Utility 3 handled wires down

30.April2309:39Mine/Greenwich-Susq. Twp.
Utility 3 handled tree down

31.April2312:08209 Shawna Rd.-Susq. Twp.
Utility 3 assisted EMS w/Breathing Problems

32.April2313:25103 Municipal Rd.-Susq. Twp.
Utility 3 handled tree down

33.April2319:2651 N.Cherry St.-Cherry Tree
Utility 3 assisted Indiana 520 w/carbon monoxide alarm

34.April2418:53Philadelphia/Crawford-Northern Cambria
Utility 3 assisted police w/traffic control

35.April2522:14Indiana St.520-Cherry Tree
Engine 1 handled transfer assignment. No incidents handled

36.April2811:584108 Crawford Ave.-Northern Cambria
Commercial fire alarm, Rescue 4 o/s burnt food.

37.April2921:17240 Shawna Rd.-Susq. Twp.
Rescue4 and Utility 3 assisted PSP w/an accident no injuries.

38.May1600:4023 Cherry Ridge - Northern Cambria
Assist EMS w/unconscious person

39.May2613:17447 Shawna Rd.-Susq.Twp
Rescue and Utility o/s of a vehicle fire, fire out upon arrival.

40.May2711:58211 5th. Ave – Hastings
Tanker on a public service detail assisting St.55

41.May2712:314025 Crawford Ave.-Northern Cambria
Sheetz) Rescue o/s of a vehicle leaking fuel.

42.May2911:172015 Crawford Ave-Northern Cambria
Engine 1 due assisting St.58 w/commercial fire alarm(Crawford Commons, cancelled e/r by 58 OIC.

43.May2914:271108 Chestnut Ave. – Northern Cambria
Rescue and Utility handled a tree down on a vehicle.

44.May2916:29425 Shawna Rd.-Susq.Twp
Smoke in a Structure, Rescue into the scene personnel checked the residence found to be a ballast from a florescent light. Engine staged at hydrant. Personnel from Utility held in staging

45.May3122:04Philadelphia/Chestnut – Northern Cambria
Rescue and Utility o/s, 2 vehicles off the roadway, no injuries. All units cleared.

46.June117:56Northern Cambria
Stand by in station for possible tornado touch down in the area.

47.June118:15214 Double Dam Rd.-Susq. Twp.
Utility removed a tree blocking roadway.

Rescue, Engine and Utility o/s of a unoccupied structure collapse. Fire personnel and Township road crew secured the structure.

49.June417:111902 Bigler Ave.-Northern Cambria
Engine 1 due assisting St.58 residential fire alarm. All units cancelled by 58 OIC.

50.June1814:523206 St.Lawrance Rd.-Chest Twp.
RIC/Tanker due assisting St.62 w/working structure fire. Personnel assisted w/overhaul.

51.June2109:521026 38th St.-Northern Cambria
Smoke in a structure, 50C and rescue o/s, sewer authority smoke testing.

52.June2114:423311 Crawford Ave.-Northern Cambria
Engine due assisting St.58, smoke in a structure. Sewer authority smoke testing.

53.June2421:11Cherry Ridge.-Northern Cambria
Outside smoke investigation, engine and utility o/s, nothing found.

54.June2516:00Oak/Beech-Northern Cambria
MVA w/injuries, rescue and utility o/s provided debris removal and traffic control.

55.June2715:52Philadelphia/St.Marys – Northern Cambria
Personnel provided traffic control for an accident no injuries.

56.June3000:48419 Juniper St.-Northern Cambria
Assist EMS w/choking patient.

57.July209:421120 Philadelphia Ave – Northern Cambria
Commercial smoke detector alarm, rescue and utility o/s, faulty detector.

58.July312:56RT22 Coys convenient Store-Pine Twp.
Assist St.570 SHARP team, tractor trailer fire that was hauling tires. Engine and Hazmat 11-7 responded out of station. Personnel assisted w/decon and overhaul.

59.July716:051700 Railroad Ave.-Northern Cambria
Tanker on a public service @ the north baseball field.

60.July721:37100B Pinewood Ln.-Northern Cambria
Utility o/s fireworks stand by.

61.July816:071700 Railroad Ave.-Northern Cambria
Engine on a public service @ the north baseball field.

62.July916:331700 Railroad Ave.-Northern Cambria
Engine on a public service @ the north baseball field.

63.July1016:181700 Railroad Ave.-Northern Cambria
Engine on a public service @ the north baseball field.

64.July1017:44Park/Maple-Northern Cambria
MVA w/injuries, rescue and utility o/s debris removal and traffic control provided.

65.July1618:014002 Crawford Ave.-Northern Cambria
Minor fuel spill, rescue and utility o/s with the clean up.

66.July1706:441912 Philadelphia Ave.-Northern Cambria
Fire alarm, rescue and utility o/s, showing 2nd floor. Determined to be faulty head.

67.July2322:442408 Philadelphia Ave.-Northern Cambria
Assist EMS w/patient extrication.

68.July2422:321912 Philadelphia Ave.-Northern Cambria
Assist EMS w/patient extrication.

69.July2613:21297 Shepherd Rd.-Susq. Twp.
Working Structure Fire, rescue, tanker, utility o/s personnel w/quick knock. Fire confined to bedroom, salvage and overhaul performed. Assisted by Indiana St.520 and St.40 w/RIC.

70.July2616:52Station 50
Stand by in station, severe weather.

71.July2617:51604 Old Miller Rd.-Susq. Twp.
Utility handled removing a tree across the roadway.

72.July3114:445239 Ridge Rd.-Burnside Twp.
RIC assignment assisting Clearfiled St.45 on a commercial fire alarm. False alarm, cancelled en route.

73.August110:084025 Crawford Ave.-Northern Cambria
Fuel Spill, rescue and utility handled clean up.

74.August200:3940 Mahoning Rd.-Cherry Tree
Rescue due assisting Indiana St.520 w/a MVA w/injuries. Rescue and utility o/s, driver fled, personnel assisted with search in a wooded area for the driver. Driver was found at a residence.

75.August212:39816 21st St.-Northern Cambria
Engine due assisting St.58 w/smoke in a structure. Cancelled upon arrival. Sewer authority smoke testing.

76.August419:514025 Crawford Ave.-Northern Cambria
Propane tanks leaking, rescue and utility o/s, cause found to be pressure relief valves.

77.August516:03407 Joseph St.-Northern Cambria
Electrical fire, rescue o/s found fire out in an outlet due to overload. No extension found.

78.August618:20180 Sunset Rd.-East Carroll Twp.
Tanker due assisting St.51 w/Working Structure Fire. Tanker and utility o/s, tanker held in staging, personnel assisted w/salvage and overhaul.

79.August922:18Philadelphia/Laurel-Northern Cambria
MVA w/injuries and confinement. Rescue and utility o/s, patient extricated by fire personnel, traffic control and debris removal also provided.

80.August1110:34Philadelphia/Laurel-Northern Cambria
Personnel from utility assisted police w/traffic control due to temporary traffic lights being down.

81.August1113:41668 Oak St.-Northern Cambria
Outside fire, engine cancelled en route by 50 Chief, controlled burn.

82.August1917:211640 Park Ave.-Northern Cambria
Public service detail.

83.August1919:05Philadelphia/Park-Northern Cambria
Outside smoke investigation, engine, tanker and utility in the area, nothing found.

84.August2112:03706 Chestnut Ave.-Northern Cambria
Assist EMS w/ptn extrication.

85.August2119:171912 Philadelphia Ave-Northern Cambria
Utility performing fire prevention, fire alarm at Rebekah Manor.

86.August2314:57Laurel/Melrose-Northern Cambria
MVA w/injuries, rescue and utility o/s provided traffic control.

87.August2504:32250 Holly St.-Northern Cambria
Activated to assist EMS and police w/a shooting, police o/s, false call.

88.August2517:46162 James St.-Northern Cambria
Assist EMS ventilation due to bleach spill inside a residence. Rescue and utility o/s,

89.August2611:214410 Crawford Ave.-Northern Cambria
Flooded basement due to sewer backing up. 50AC3 o/s cancelled all units, sewer was unclogged and water has gone down.

90.August3118:401306 Chestnut Ave.-Northern Cambria
Working Structure Fire, all units o/s, personnel w/knockdown, salvage and overhaul.Assisted by St.55,58 and 40 w/RIC assignment.

91.September112:291406 Park Ave.-Northern Cambria
Public service detail.

92.September202:011010 Maple Ave.-Northern Cambria
Assist EMS forcible entry, 50AC3 o/s fire dept. to cancel, key holder arrived.

93,September421:50Station 50
Stand by in station due to radio outage.

94.September521:452302 Lovell Ave.-Northern Cambria
Assist EMS w/forcible entry, rescue 4 o/s entry made.

95.September912:50400 Joseph St.-Northern Cambria
Child locked in a vehicle, cancelled by police o/s.

96.September917:20Shawna/Greenwich-Susq. Twp.
Utility handled traffic control due to temporary traffic lights being out.

97.September2302:141027 Starford Rd.-Cherry Hill Twp.
RIC and tanker due assisting Indiana St.240 w/Working Structure Fire, Rescue, tanker utility o/s. Personnel handled RIC assignment as well as ventilation.

98.October511:36830 Nicktown Hill Rd.-Barr Twp.
Engine and Rescue due assisting St.59 w/smoke in the structure. Cancelled upon arrival on scene, sewer authority smoke testing.

99.October920:34330 S.Main St.- Cherry Tree
Working Structure Fire full company assisting Indiana St.520. Units on scene assisted with knockdown and overhaul.

100.October1711:36814 Philadelphia Ave.-Northern Cambria
Gas odor inside, Rescue on scene cause found to be pilot lights out due to empty propane tanks , gas company on scene.

101.October2010:03254 James St.-Susq. Twp.
Assist EMS w/a cardiac arrest.

102.October2309:26Clymer Fire Dept.-Clymer Boro
Engine 1 on standby, no incidents handled.

103.October2320:121000B School Ave. – Northern Cambria
Rescue 4 responded on a vehicle fire.

104.October2414:536485 Rt403 Hwy North-Pine Twp.
Tanker assisted with hauling water for a public service.

105.October2513:051017 Philadelphia Ave – Northern Cambria
Smoke in a Structure, 50 Chief on scene canceled all units, sewer authority smoke testing.

106.October2514:26922 Philadelphia Ave.-Northern Cambria
Smoke in a Structure, cause found to be from sewer authority smoke testing, Engine 1 handled ventilation.

107.October2516:37189 Hamlet Ln.-Susq. Twp.
Rescue, Engine and Utility on scene brush fire. Fire contained to a 25ft by 30ft area.

108.October2613:54900B 23rd St. - Northern Cambria
Utility and Tanker assisted St.58 w/a brush fire involving approximately 15 acres.

109.October2902:30Station 50
Stand by in station for storm mode. No incidents handled.

110.October3119:523904 Crawford Ave.-Northern Cambria
CO poisoning with 2 patients. Engine and Utility on scene both patients removed from residence by police and fire personnel transported by EMS. Readings of over 500PPM at all entrances. Ventilation performed, re-metered with no further readings.

111.November118:101700 Railroad Ave.-Northern Cambria
Tanker, Engine and Utility on scene of a public service detail for a bon fire.

112.November407:231311 Philadelphia Ave.-Northern Cambria
Dispatched for a CO alarm, Engine on scene found to be a dead battery in a fire alarm.

113.November414:27108 Cottonwood St.-Northern Cambria
Personnel assisted EMS with patient extrication.

114.November418:291912 Philadelphia Ave. – Northern Cambria
Dispatched to assist EMS, cancelled en-route.

115.November501:45622 Lang Ave.-Patton
RIC assignment assisting St.62 with a working structure fire. Rescue and Utility cancelled en-route.

116.November1308:38355 Lester St.  – Northern Cambria
Assist police with a tree down on wires. Rescue on scene provided traffic control until Penelec arrived.

117.November1416:33448 Municipal Rd.-Susq. Twp
Assist St.55 with a MVA w/Entrapment. Engine, Rescue and Utility on scene assisted with patient extrication.

118.November1518:161311 Philadelphia Ave.-Northern Cambria
Assisted EMS with patient extrication.

119.November1612:383802 Bigler Ave.-Northern Cambria
MVA with injuries, Rescue and Utility on scene assisted EMS with patient care, provided traffic control and debris removal.

120.November1700:335110 S.Main St.-Westover
RIC assignment assisting Clearfield St.45 w/Working Structure Fire. Rescue and Utility responded and personnel handled RIC duties.

121.November2001:232004 Philadelphia Ave.-Northern Cambria
Assist EMS w/patient extrication.

122.November2102:3351 Cherry Ridge-Northern Cambria
Smoke in a Structure, Engine, Rescue and Utility on scene burnt food.

123.November2511:461707 Philadelphia Ave.-Northern Cambria
Commercial smoke in a structure (6 Pack) all units o/s cause found to be a faulty air conditioning unit.

124.November2821:14369 Oil Tank Hill Rd.-Barr Twp.
Assisting St.59 with tanker for a working residential structure fire. Tanker and utility o/s, personnel assisted with overhaul.

125.November2907:52701 Crosby Ave.-Northern Cambria
Dispatched for an appliance fire Rescue and Utility o/s cause found to be grease fire in stove, fire out on arrival w/no extension.

126.November2915:53224 Shawna Rd.-Susq. Twp.
Rescue and utility o/s provided traffic control.

127.December110:364207 Crawford Ave.-Northern Cambria
Rescue o/s of a fuel spill in a waterway. Cause determined to be oil tanks leaking, leak confined and contained

128.December210:334207 Crawford Ave.-Northern Cambria
Addition to previous incident.

129.December514:5217 Franklin Pl.-Northern Cambria
Rescue and Utility handled a one vehicle accident, assisted EMS w/patient care.

130.December1214:18Station 520-Cherry Tree
Engine handled stand by w/no incidents

131.December1514:18331 3rd St.-Cambria Twp.
RIC assignment assisting St.40 with a working fire. Rescue cancelled enroute, Sta.40 o/s with a quick knock.

132.December2009:591900 Empire Ave-Northern Cambria
Assist EMS w/fall.

133.December2011:58813 35th St.-Northern Cambria
Engine due assisting St.58 w/commercial fire alarm (Northern Cambria High School) Engine was held in staging.

134.December2307:562108 Roosevelt Ave.-Northern Cambria
Assist EMS w/ a cardiac arrest.

135.December2321:271400B Chestnut Ave.-Northern Cambria
Activated for a Structure fire, Engine and Rescue o/s controlled burn all units cancelled.

136.December3002:04300B Shawna Rd.-Susq. Twp.
Activated for a MVA w/injuries. Rescue o/s disabled vehicle, traffic control provided.