39th Street @ Crosby Avenue on the North Side
After the first floor was knocked down.Efficiency of Class A Foam on a fully involved structure for all you non-believers.   This house burns to the ground with a water only attack.Davey trying to work his magic and get a date, but she just used him for a story.
Prior to Fire Department arrival, minutes after dispatchE501Exposure on D sideExposure on B sideEric Witenski, Mike Hassen Sr., Chad HassenProud driver of R504Mike Finui1st Assistant Chief Pete Barczak and his son, Matt.  In the background is Davey Hassen and Joe HassenBen HuetherAmanda and Missy frolicking in the snow flurries,  I think Amanda is trying to catch one.Eric Legars trying to get get in on Davey's actionRehab?Joe Hassen ..... Where did I put my helmet???2nd Assistant Chief Scott Messina pumping R504 before Pete came to see the truckDamage responding on call, struck bridge in last picture.R504 struck this bridge while making right turn